Geçmişini Keşfet!

Geçmişini bilmeyen, geleceğini savunamaz

Those who do not know their past, cannot defend their future

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🥳🎉 We did it! 🎉🥳

🥳🎉 We did it! 🎉🥳

It is with great joy that Cezire Association would like to announce the success of its petition to save the historic Zuhuri Mosque-Tekke compound in Larnaca. The compound had been earmarked for redevelopment by the Greek Cypriot authorities. Original plans bypassed...

Precursors to the Turks of Cyprus

Precursors to the Turks of Cyprus

A Cezire Association historical seminar in partnership with TCCA. The seminar theme will be to delve into the various precursory groups that link to the present day Turkish Cypriots, but who came to Cyprus prior to the Ottoman conquest of 1570.

Petition for the protection of Zuhuri Mosque

Petition for the protection of Zuhuri Mosque

We at Cezire Dernegi feel strongly about the preservation of Turkish Cypriot Cultural sites. As such we have set up the following petition on change.org which delivers our concerns to the Larnaca Municipality Mayor, Andreas Vyras.

Please sign and share the petition urgently. http://chng.it/PbKq4xkyD9


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The free public lecture, Precursors To The Turks In Cyprus will be presented by Cezire Association at the Turkish Cypriot Community Association (TCCA), 628-630 Green Lanes, Tottenham, London, N8 0SD in association with TCCA. We hope to see you all there. The event will begin promptly at 14:30. More information available here.

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About us

Cezire Derneği (Cezire, from the Arabic word, “Jazeera” meaning island and Dernek meaning Association) is an organisation we established in 2008 to pay tribute to the heritage of Turkish Cypriots in London.

In January of 2011, we gave the organisation its name, Cezire Derneği. During the Ottoman period, the word cezire was often used instead of the commonly used Turkish word “ada”. The Island of Cyprus was often referred to as Cezire-i Kıbrıs (The island of Cyprus). For this reason, we believed it was befitting and adopted the name Cezire Derneği in respect of our history and heritage.

Cezire Derneği is founded as a cultural institution. our intention is to uphold and preserve the unique identity of Turkish Cypriots through revival and representation of our unique cultural aspects through research of the history of Turkish Cypriots.

Since our establishment, we have aimed to introduce the Turkish Cypriots to the world through events that we have held while working together with like-minded organisations who have the same intentions and goals.

Our representatives can be found as far and wide as England, Turkey, North Cyprus and Australia.

We have received positive interest and alerted the attention from Turkish media in both London and North Cyprus. As a result support for our organisation has reached a global level.

We would like to thank all the people and institutions that have supported us so far and hope that we will continue to extend our activities in the service of the Turkish Cypriot people.

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We are an active group and would love to keep you updated on our latest events.