Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Cezire mean?

A. Cezire (pronounced Jezire) is originally an Arabic word which means island in Ottoman Turkish. In Turkish historical records, the island of Cyprus was referred to as ‘Cezire-i Kıbrıs’or ‘Kıbrıs Ceziresi’. Due to the fact that this word reminds us of our past, we decided that it was suitable for our Association.

Q. Why do you use the Turkey flag in your logo and why isn’t the TRNC-ROC border drawn on the island?

A. In reality, we are not using the red flag in our logo as the flag of Turkey. Up until today, the red flag has always been used as a symbol representing the Turkish Cypriot people. As beautiful as the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus flag is, it is merely the flag of a state founded in 1983. However, the flag of the people continues to be the red flag. Due to the fact that our Association is strictly non-political, as well as the fact that the red flag includes all eras in our history (Ottoman, British, Republic of Cyprus, Cyprus Turkish Federal State and the TRNC), the red flag is the only banner that has continuously represented the Turks of Cyprus. Even before the Republic of Turkey was founded, this same flag was used by the Ottoman Empire. As for the border dividing the TRNC and the Greek-controlled Republic of Cyprus, we did not draw it because, as we would like to state again, we are strictly a non-political Association and just as we have a heritage in the North, we also have a heritage in the South. We refuse to forget and ignore our heritage in the South.

Q. Can I participate in your events even if I’m not a member?

A. Anyone can participate in our social, cultural and educational activities. Our doors are open for all.

Q. How can I find out about events and meetings?

A.You can always keep track of us via our website. All of our events are also advertised on our Facebook page.

Q. Where is Cezire Association?

A. We have representatives in London, Melbourne, Istanbul and North Cyprus.

Q. Is Cezire Association linked with any official organisations?

A. Cezire Association is an independent organisation founded by Turkish Cypriots. However, we do our best to get along with all types of organisations, political parties, foundations, associations and religious groups. When necessary, we are willing to work with any of these groups for the sake of serving the Turkish Cypriot community, all the while maintaining our independence.